i2® Carpet Tile: Make a Natural Selection

What happens when we consciously seek out and emulate nature’s genius?

Biomimicry, a science based on the wisdom of nature, is among Interface Hospitality’s most powerful allies in the quest for sustainability. Taking a cue from successful natural organisms, we can apply their adaptations to our own creations.

Observing the organic rhythms of a leaf-strewn forest floor inspired us to devise i2, an innovative advancement in modular carpet tile design. Rather than make each carpet tile the same, they vary in patterning and coloring within one style and colorway. The result is tiles that blend together no matter when they are purchased or installed.

Many i2 carpet tile products—available in both square and plank formats—are designed to be installed in any order and orientation. This means less installation time, nearly 90% less waste than traditional broadloom carpet, and easy reclamation and recycling.

And because there’s no need to worry about matching dye lots, less attic stock is required and selective replacement is even more effective. This not only saves time and money, but also the environment. Now that’s genius.