Zeroing Out Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When it comes to addressing global warming, we’re not just blowing hot air.

Although Interface Hospitality is continually striving for greater sustainability, every phase of our carpet tile’s life cycle—from harvesting raw materials to manufacturing, shipping, vacuuming and end-of-life recycling—results in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to global warming. So we calculate all the GHG emissions for the entire life cycle of our products and purchase verified emission reduction credits to offset them. We call this Cool Carpet™ and it comes standard on all Interface Hospitality products sold in North America.

We balance every pound of GHG emissions with pounds of cool carbon offsets. That means we invest in renewable energy and other projects that prevent GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere. We purchase certified carbon offset credits generated by the replacement of natural gas boilers with biomass boilers for Mid American growers, one of the largest single site commercial growing operations in the United States. We also purchase offset credits generated through critical activities to reduce deforestation.

Cool Carpet neutralizes all of these emissions, but we’re constantly searching for ways to stop GHG emissions before they start, and we encourage our vendors and partners to do the same. Since 1996 we've reduced the GHG emissions intensity of our Americas manufacturing facilities by 37.5%.

SGS, a third-party verifier, validated the methodology we use to calculate our GHG emissions and verified that they were offset through verified emission reduction credits.

The Cool Carpet program is reviewed annually to make sure we’re bringing you the most innovative, environmentally friendly carpet offered today.